About Us

Leon Dalloway founder of Shake, Rattle and Stir, is an award-winning, booze-loving, knowledge-thirsty bartender, originally from Leicester, corrupted in Manchester and inspired in London.

Leon has immersed himself in the world of liquor for over a decade in the honourable quest to bring boozy fun and education to the people. It's his ideology to insight and enlighten while people have a great big helping of fun!

We offer something refreshingly different - days and nights, full of decadence and delight - which will open your mind to the wide world of drinks.

We at Shake, Rattle and Stir are wild about liquor (especially gin!), loco about cocktails and insanely in love with London so we wanted to bring these three wonderful things together to create a set of utterly unique experiences. Check out our tours and all the other amazing boozy treats we offer below.

Gin Journey

The Gin Journey is a night out like you've never experienced before where you will be taken on an educational and fun-filled tour of London’s finest cocktail bars to explore the spirit that has become so synonymous with the City.

Gin is BACK and it's got its swagger on. You’ll learn all about the beautiful juniper lead spirit which has had such a tumultuous yet romantic history with London. Gin Lane, Genever, London Dry, Mother's Ruin, cucumber or lime - you name it, we'll chat about it.

On our tour you’ll be chauffeur driven by gin carriage to five bars including a working gin distillery. You'll enjoy samples of specially selected premium gins. You'll quaff well crafted gin cocktails, all whilst finding out about the history and production methods behind everything that touches your palette.

You won’t need to book a taxi, order a drink, and what’s more, there’ll be an area reserved for you in every bar. Sound great? It is.

The Gin Journey is an evening event that begins at 18:15 in Central London and finishes around 23:00 in East London. Food is available but not provided. Capacity of the group is 18.

The tour costs £50 per person and includes 5 samples of gin, 5 cocktails, a chauffeured drive from bar to bar, *no hangover and a ridiculous amount of fun.

Private bookings and gift vouchers are available, to inquire please email leon@shakerattleandstir.co.uk.

"Gin's answer to Willy Wonka."


"Leon is friendly and animated throughout... A remarkable deal."

The Guardian

"Like a school trip only sexier."

London on the Inside
As featured in Die Zeit, USA Today, The Daily Telegraph and on the BBC's Inside Out. Read and see all of these in our blog.

Xmas Gin Journey

The Xmas Gin Journey. Think about all the great things we do on our Gin Journey and then add more.

There will be seasonal style cocktails (don't worry no turkey flavoured Martinis), a little less travel, more gin (6 cocktails and 6 samples), a distillery visit and chauffeur service.

Food is included and you have your very own Xmas gin guardian to make sure you're having an amazing time.

A perfect way to have a party season night out with no stress and everything taken care of. Let's get ginny at Christmas! Please get in contact if you require more details.

The Xmas Gin Journey begins at 17:00 and finishes at approx 22:00 and includes a trip to a working gin distillery and 2 other gin inspired venues. You’ll get food, 6 cocktails and 6 samples of gin along the way and be whisked around London in a Mercedes mini-bus accompanied by a Shake, Rattle and Stir host all the way. Xmas Gin Journey costs £100 per person.

The Rum Ramble

Rum, Rhum glorious Rum. However you want to spell it on the night, we call it The Rum Ramble; learn all about the sumptuous spirit made from sweet, sweet molasses. Due to its connection with the Navy and the British Empire, rum has walked a long and winding road with England; it's time you joined it.

Expect a rum-fuelled night out where you'll explore the history of rum, as well as learning about the production process involved in its creation. You’ll also be tasting some of the finest rums the world has to offer and, oh my gosh, they are tasty.

Rum is the spirit that gets the heart beating and the carnival drum beating even harder. If there’s somewhere that grows sugar cane, they’ll be making rum and you bet they’ll be throwing a fiesta too. This is the baby that spearheaded the Tiki culture (ever seen a guy in a Hawaiian shirt behind the bar? That’s Tiki).

Enjoy playful and extravagant cocktails, as well as serious stirred-down and brown numbers; whether it’s a punchy party rum from the Caribbean, a light and fresh Spanish-style rum, or a seductive elixir from Central America, The Rum Ramble treats you to the world's finest. Thirsty yet? I thought so...

This is a must for any rum lover or a great entry for a newbie to the rum world. Drink, laugh and learn.

The Rum Ramble is an evening event that begins at 18:15 in Central London and finishes around 23:00 in East London. Food is available but not provided. Capacity of the group is 18.

The tour costs £50 per person and includes 5 samples of rum, 5 cocktails, a visit to 5 different bars, a chauffeured drive from bar to bar, no hangover and a ridiculous amount of fun.

Private bookings and gift vouchers are available, to inquire please email leon@shakerattleandstir.co.uk.

The London Gin Experience

The London Gin Experience is an all-encompassing tour of the stalwarts of London’s gin industry. As well as a tour of two of Britain's leading distillers, prepare yourself for a master class in the finest of gin drinks.

Where better to start a gin tour than with the godfather of London gin: The Beefeater Distillery in Kennington. Throughout the 20th Century Beefeater was the only distillery that continued producing gin in London, this remained so until 2009. Learn about the history of gin in London and the relationship of Beefeater with the City and the rest of the world, discover the pioneering production methods, and delight in the botanicals gathered from across the globe to create this world-famous gin. Finish the tour with the perfectly served G&T.

In 2009, a new brew of distillers were born, spearheaded by the trail-blazing Sipsmith Distillery. Take a trip over the water to visit Sipsmith in Chiswick and say hello to the leading lady of the Sipsmith copper pot stills, Prudence. Discover all things Sipsmith and learn about their game-changing steps in distilling laws, beginning a gin renaissance which has now gone global.

After another ice-cold G&T, the team are treated to a sublime gin cocktail master class. As well as discovering the history of classic gin cocktails, we'll teach you how to master the art of cocktail production in your own home; quaffing a few concoctions along the way is, of course, mandatory.

No food is provided. Capacity of the group is 15. The London Gin Experience is a Saturday day time event. It begins at 11:45 in Kennington and finishes at around 16:00 in Chiswick.

The tour costs £60 and includes 2 distillery tours with guides, 1 gin cocktail masterclass with a top mixologist, 2 G&T’s plus cocktails, a chauffeur drive between venues and your very own gin guardian for the day.

Private bookings and gift vouchers are available, to inquire please email leon@shakerattleandstir.co.uk.

The Gin Masterclass

Enjoy a master class in the history and production of gin within one of London’s very own gin distilleries. You’ll receive a guided explanation of everything the master distiller does to produce a stunningly tasty gin and if you’re lucky, you may even get to give the pot stills a peck on the copper (just make sure they're not turned on).

Be regaled with the story of gin's rise from the ashes and learn the difference between various styles of gin. You’ll get the opportunity to taste the gin just metres away from where it is distilled, whilst marvelling at the wonderful pot stills that create it.

Once this is done, you have the option of a cocktail master class (£20 extra each) or simply more cocktails, depending on what you fancy and the amount of people in the group.

Whatever kind of gin master class you want, we’ll try and cater for you. The Gin Master Class is a high-energy, boisterous look into the world of our beloved gin; prepare to fall in love.

We use various distilleries but they all are within 30 mins of Central London. No food is provided.

The Gin Masterclass is subject to availability and starts at £50 per head (rises to £70 if inc cocktail masterclass), this includes a masterclass from a gin expert, a distillery visit, 3 gin drinks and a sample of the house gin.

The Gin Masterclass can be arranged around you so get in touch with leon@shakerattleandstir.co.uk to discuss.

Hire the Bartender

We offer a complete hire the bartender/bar service for whatever drinks package you desire with Leon curating a drinks list especially to your taste. Whether it's one bartender and a Mojito station you need or a full bar and service team we can provide it all.

All our staff are highly trained mixolgists and floor staff so you'll be in the best of hands. Please get in contact via email for quote.

Email leon@shakerattleandstir.co.uk or call 07513 751814 to find out more.